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Drones allow you to reach many places that are tough to reach, and the opportunity for creative photography is vast. Aerial photography is a great fit in many fields such as: architectural catalogs, events, real estate, marketing, social media communication,  construction, promotional content or just an aerial shot of your house... & so much more!

Aerial photography
Aerial filming
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Having a camera in the sky is a huge benefit, giving you a completely new perspective for your videos. 
Thanks to its experienced pilot being able to take "the shot", The Drone Zone provides 4K quality videos for : promoting properties, promoting products, promoting services, events, cinematic clips, stock clips, advertising, movies, documenting... & so much more!



Surveying and mapping with a drone offers enormous potential​. We can generate high quality 2D orthomosaic surveys and 3D Point Cloud models in a fraction of time.

For architects, town planners, agricultural fields, forest areas, contractors, utilities and many more, these surveys can be used for planning, regular monitoring, studying the terrain, inspections and maintenance.

Drone mapping/survey greatly reduces site visits and improves accuracy. The maps are on par with conventional survey method in accuracy while also reducing data collection time and costs. If done regularly, the collected data can provide great insight for future development of the area. It also allows to survey areas that are unattainable, remote and in harsh terrain.

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For details, questions and pricing get in touch with us.

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