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Aerial auroville book


aerial auroville book

Auroville, an International Township founded by The Mother, is our Home. Auroville is the place that has seen us grow as children to the ever growing adults we are today, keeping the Ideals of Auroville close to our hearts and minds. Growing up and living in Auroville let us explore different aspects of our being and experiment in various fields and ultimately find our passion for aerial photography. 

In 2018, we had the idea to create a photo book consisting of aerial pictures of Auroville. Our goal was to create an artistic compilation of photos with quotes of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo that would compliment the photos and ideals of Auroville according to us. With its story, its ideals, its forest, its residents, its dirt roads, its architecture, Auroville is such a unique and special place not only for us but for thousands of other people. Using Aerial photography, we wanted to show a new perspective of this harmonious Beauty.


In 2019 we started our project by going around Auroville with a drone and capturing unique moments to create Aerial Auroville. Using this unique vantage point of “ a camera in the sky”, we have discovered the different colours, lights and textures of Auroville. Observing from a new perspective, the changes nature goes through was for us a unique experience. Depending on the time of the day and the season, we could see the colour of the soil, the lush of the forest, the colour of the trees, the intensity of the skies changing making us believe that we were in a completely different place and offering us a new canvas to work with each time.


Another of our focus was also on the uniqueness of Auroville’s architecture. The way buildings blend harmoniously with nature or how some of them completely stand out from the forest, motivated us to always push ourselves to get the shot that would best express it.


22 - Golden day - DJI_0966-57.9X77.3.jpg

Ladies & Gentleman, this is your Captain speaking, welcome aboard flight 001 through Auroville.

The time is 6.30am and our expected time of arrival is 6.30pm. We will be cruising at an altitude of 200 ft. Fasten your seatbelts and make sure your seat and tray table are in the up-right position. 

Depending on the weather conditions, the time of the day & the season, you should be able to get a great view of the changes nature goes through, the colour of the soil, the lush of the forest, the colour of the trees, the intensity of the skies changing.

Thank to our low flying altitude, you should be able to uncover the uniqueness of Auroville's architecture, the way buildings blend harmoniously with nature or completely stand out from the forest.

We hope you enjoy your flight, the cabin crew stays at your disposition for any queries.


We are very happy to announce our very first exhibition this December at gallery Centre d’Art. Over the past two and half years, we have been going around Auroville and taking pictures with our Drone “Mostiquo” and we can’t wait to show you some of the beautiful shots we took!

During this exhibition, we will launch show our photo book “Aerial Auroville”, a book of aerial pictures of Auroville. We are very excited to present to you the result of this project that we have been working on for more than a year. 

So mark your calendar for December 4th and join us on an Aerial journey through Auroville.


Poster for exhibition
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Auroville Today, January 2021

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Cover of a book published by Prisma


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